9 Signs that your cat is happy

Do you know some of the most common signs that your cat is happy?

Any pet owner knows that it’s important to keep your beloved four-legged friends happy. The same is especially true for cats.

While some people might think that cats are stoic and aloof, real cat lovers know that this simply isn’t true!

Cats can be loving, happy creatures, just like any other pets. If you want to tell if your cat is a happy camper, read on.

Sign 1: Your Cat is Chatty

Like most animals, cats can’t speak. It is difficult for us to tell what they’re feeling, since they can’t tell us outright, but did you know that when cats are happy, they like to “talk”?

A happy cat loves to engage in conversation, and will let you know of its happiness through high-pitched sounds and trills.

However, it’s good to know that if your cat is normally quiet, vocalizing can mean that something is making it unhappy, so that needs to be checked right away, especially if it is making low-pitched noises.

cat purring

Sign 2: Your Cat is Purring

Purring is the tell-tale sign that your cat is happy. It is their way of telling you, “All is well.” People have used purring as a gauge for a cat’s happiness practically as long as cats have been around.

However, a cat may purr for other reasons. Your feline friend may purr when it comes into contact with another cat to show it that it is friendly. 

Cats also purr if they they need to be soothed.

cat happy

Sign 3: Your Cat Loves Kneading

If your cat has a habit of kneading any part of your body, as if it were kneading dough, then that’s a sure sign that it is happy and content.

Cats mirror this behavior from back when they were just kittens trying to draw out more of their mother’s milk.

This is a sign that they trust you deeply and that they enjoy your company, since being around you evokes a feeling of being safe.

Sign 4: Your Cat is Relaxed

If your cat shows that they are relaxed around you, then that means that they are comfortable in your presence.

If they rest with their paws tucked under their body, eyes half-closed, then you can rest assured that they trust you enough to let their guard down around you.

And while we are on the topic of your cat’s eyes being half-closed…

signs of a happy cat

Sign 5: Your Cat is Playful

Let’s be honest, here. If you feel playful, the chances are that you aren’t upset—hardly anyone can be playful and upset at the same time.

The same is true for cats. A playful cat is one that feels carefree; cats love to play with creatures that they appreciate and feel safe around.

Try to stimulate more playtime by actively playing with your cat. It’ll be happier all-around, and it’s downright adorable too!

Sign 6: Your Cat likes to Touch and be Touched

A cat who loves is a happy cat.

Rubbing itself against you, giving you headbutts—it’s a wonderful indicator that your cat adores you. However, this behavior has a sense of duality in it.

Cats have scent glands all over their body.

​You will also find them rubbing themselves against you which means that they are marking you—claiming you as their own, because they have deemed you to be a safe creature to be around.

That is pretty awesome!


Sign 7: Your Cat Gives You Tail Signals

We don’t mean just any tail signals.

A true mark of a happy cat is a tail raised high—an indicator that your cat is happy in its environment.

If the tip of your cat’s tail is twitching, or if the whole of its tail is quivering, that means that it is delighted to see you!

Sign 8: Your Cat Does the Slow Blink

Slow blinks are a cat’s equivalent of giving kisses.

A cat closing its eyes is a sure indicator that it trusts you not to hurt it, and the same is true for half-closed eyes.

It’s almost a guaranteed sign that your cat adores you, so to show that you trust and love the cat in the same way, try slow blinking back! You’ll get the message across just fine.

happy cat

Sign 9: Your Cat Brings You “Presents”

Cats love to hunt. You might have experienced receiving a “present” from your cat in the form of a dead bird, mouse, or frog.

Don’t despair! While it might be a bit disturbing, that simply means that your cat is happy and loves you enough to try to hunt for you.

Try to be a bit more open-minded about the gifts, and you’ll find that you’ve raised a very happy cat.

cat with mouse


We hope that this article has taught you how to gauge how your cat is feeling. It’s safe to say that if your cat exhibits any of these signs, you’ve done a good job in being a fur parent!


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